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Good, fast, and cheap but never all three

The other day I found video in a series about coming up with business ideas. It’s called The 25 Days Of Ideas. For one month the series gives a strategy for coming up with a new business idea each day.

After noticing that you could skip ahead I started watching the videos at 1.5x speed. So I ended up watching a month’s worth of videos in about two-hours. One concept stuck out to me in the video for day 8. It’s the idea that you can be good, fast, and cheap but never all three.

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Pressure on the shadows

If you could go back and listen to your great great grandfather. If you had a video recording of his daily life. If you could view his inner thoughts in less than 140 characters would you?

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The 12th man is better than you

Yesterday I went to my first Oregon State Men’s Basketball.

The Ducks crushed the Tigers. Something that would never happen in real life but mascots fight on a different realm.

Final score was 128 to 59, which ended up being a school record.

Something happened near the eight minute mark of the second half. The student section of the stadium start cheering for a player on the team. This player didn’t just make a game winning play, they hadn’t even played all game.

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Taking the difficult path

My procrastination takes the form of research. I attempt to find the easiest solution. A comfortable path to follow before even taking the first step.

That’s probably why what I found in a video by Evan Carmichael hit me so hard.

Lay Me Down – Flume Remix by Sam Smith on repeat.

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This Generation Will Be Fine

It’s never been a better time to be 20 – 30 years old.

It’s never been a better time to be a human.

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