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Why You’re One Piece Of Content Away From Changing Your Life

“Everyone you know started off as an unknown until they did the thing that made them known.” —Gary Vaynerchuk

I recently heard this idea from a highly successful businessman Gary Vaynerchuk and wanted to elaborate on its applicability for software developers. The concept is that you’re one piece of content away from changing your life.

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How Taking More Breaks Will Boost Your Productivity

Software Developer live in an interesting paradox. On one hand we’re lazy. That’s why we like to automate boring repetitive tasks like running unit test or deploying new environments. At the same time Developers are often celebrated for logging numerous work hours. The stereotypical caffeine infused all-nighters are all too common.

Working without breaks is a bad habit that can jeopardize business, health and the life you’re working toward. 10, 12, or 14+ hour days are only sustainable until the reality of mental and physical limits strike.

It’s clear that we should protect our productive time, but what’s not clear is that we should protect our break time.

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How To Engineer Your ‘Lucky Break’

To most, luck is about rolling the dice, finding a dollar on the ground, or having all your tests pass after a last-minute code commit.

Luck is given credit for many people’s struggles and accomplishments. Some use bad luck as a reason for their current failure. At the same time, some might credit good luck for all their success in life.

Is luck just chance, or can it be engineered?

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Present Like Steve Jobs In 7 Easy Steps

As software developers, we mostly present our ideas from behind a computer screen. Sometimes for our ideas to be known, however, we actually have to talk to other humans in the real world.

One of the most effective ways to connect with people and market yourself is through speaking and presenting. You could present to a small group of your coworkers or an audience of hundreds.

John Sonmez wrote a great post about why you need to speak at your next code camp. You’d be surprised by how many times you’ll have to give a presentation as a software developer. Code camps are just one example. Regardless of the setting, presenting can be a great opportunity to build your reputation.

If you’re a technical genius, public speaking may be out of your comfort zone. The seven tips below will help you deliver a presentation that demands your audience’s attention and leaves them impressed.

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Do You Need To Know More Than One Language?

I had just committed career suicide. Well, that’s what I had been told.

My coworkers had just learned that I would be leaving the company. Most understood that. What bothered them was that my current company was a Windows shop and we wrote code in However, the position I was moving into developed in a Linux environment where the main programming language would be Java. They saw the change in programming language as me throwing away years of experience. Many people would agree with them.

There are hundreds of programming languages. Some are pretty common, such as  Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Javascript, while others are more on the fringe or are new, such as  Awk, Go, Julia, Rust. With so many choices, how do you know which to focus on? So, I started to think – do you really need to know more than one language?

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