Hi, I’m Saeed Gatson! By day I help companies break things, and by night I’m learning how to build digital worlds.

As a Senior Software Developer in Test, I write code that tests other peoples code. It’s a job I enjoy. In January 2021, I started on a journey to become a full time indie game developer. A lifelong goal of mine but more on that later.

On this site I think out loud about the lessons I’m learning in life. The hope is that a bit will be helpful to you too.

Since 2015 I’ve been working remotely. I currently live in Eugene, Oregon with me wife and daughter. I’ve been really enjoying my time in the pacific northwest.

what exactly is your nine to five?

The goal is to find major problems (bugs) in your Software before customers do. I build testing frameworks & write automated test scripts.

In the past I’ve professionally used technologies like C# .Net, Java, Selenium Webdriver, Jenkins

what is this world building business?

I started Gatson Games as the global pandemic started puts things into perspective. You see when I was 9 years old I realized that people made video games & it quickly became all I wanted to do. But I let other responsibilities in life get in the way. So you see the lockdown was the reminder that life is short & I didn’t want to let my nine year old self down.

At Gatson Games the goal is to make deep games for busy people. We want to be an Indie Game Studio focused on strong characters from diverse backgrounds. With features that are highly inspired by the Super Nintendo generation that I grew up in.


It’s been so fulfilling to finally start working on my goal to create and release games. You can learn more at GatsonGames.com.

On the personal side of things

My Personal Mission Statement

Strive to always be the main protagonist!

I’m the captain of my life & have control over everything in it. My life’s full of positivity, wealth, and joy. I live in the moment while enjoying the HELL out of every single day.

I’m VERY, VERY selective about who I let on my space station. I won’t allow anything or anyone to ruin what we’re building here.

Last Updated: 08/29/2021

So what exactly do you do for work?

The goal is to find major problems (bugs) in your Software before customers do. I build testing frameworks & write automated test.

Basically I write code that’s used to test other people’s code (pretty geeky stuff).

I’ve used technologies like C# .Net, Java, Selenium Webdriver, Jenkins professionally;

What have other sweet folks said about you?

I’m every Developer’s favorite person in test.

People say I’m a quick learner, and they really enjoy working with me because I’m easy to get along with.

I’ve been recommended on LinkedIn, & you can also contact me for other references.

How to get in contact?

For quick-witted pros about what I’m into, follow @saeedgatson on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!