Hi, I’m Saeed Gatson!

As a Software Developer in Test, I write code that tests other peoples code. It’s a job I enjoy. One of my hobbies is learning about indie game developer.

On this site I think out loud about the lessons I’m learning in life. The hope is that a bit will be helpful to you too.

Since 2015 I’ve been working remotely. I currently live in Eugene, Oregon with me wife and daughter. I’ve been really enjoying my time in the pacific northwest.

How I help Tech Companies?

The goal is to find major problems (bugs) in your Software before customers do. I build testing frameworks & write automated test scripts.

In the past I’ve professionally used technologies like C# .Net, Java, Selenium Webdriver, Jenkins.

Basically I write code that’s used to test other people’s code.

What have other sweet folks said about you?

I’m every Developer’s favorite person in test.

People say I’m a quick learner, and they really enjoy working with me because I’m easy to get along with.

I’ve been recommended on LinkedIn, & you can also contact me for other references.

How to get in contact?

For quick-witted pros about what I’m into, follow @saeedgatson on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!