Defeat Procrastination: A Journey Back Into Game Development

Hi friend!

At a young age, I read the instruction manual from my favorite video game cover to cover. After I came to the realization that “normal” humans make videos games.

That started me down the path to learn computer programing. And that lead to getting a B.S. in Computer Science.

Continuing my career as a Coder, making games was always something I would get around to some day. Always a dream on my radar, but never a clear focus.

This continued procrastination lead to resentment and unfulfilling work. Which lead me on a quest to defeat Procrastination.

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“Sensible people get paid for doing what they enjoy doing.”

Insensible people get paid for doing what they suffer doing.

Procrastination is a disease

Another virus that we should avoid. Here are a few reasons why:

It’s difficult to achieve your goals when you hesitate to take action.Living with a “What if”. Is no way to live.Settling for a comfortable life is the biggest risk of all.

For years that was how I continued procrastinating on my my dream to make my on video games.

The path out of procrastination follows a wave of pain across time. As time goes on procrastination becomes more painful. You then reach a point where you must take action.

It’s the common scenario of waiting until Christmas Eve to go buy a last minute gift for a family member. Starting to write your thesis paper the night before it’s due.

My issue was that the pain never got high enough for me to get motivated to reach the Action line.

My goal to start a game studio was a nice to have not a need to have. Game development was always important but really urgent.

So how do you avoid falling into this same mistake?

You have to Punch-out Procrastination. And it’s a simple 4-hit looping combo:

Use discipline to build habitsUse habits to get things doneGetting things done to gain motivationUse motivation to fuel discipline

“Procrastination is the most common manifestation of Resistance because it’s the easiest to rationalize.”

Most resistance comes before you start

Doing the work can be easier than starting to work. Setting a 5-Minute rule can help with this.

The 5-Minute rule is tell yourself you can stop any activity you start after five minutes of focused work.

This can lowers the mental hurdle to start by telling yourself “it’s only for 5 minutes”. After which momentum has an opportunity to kick in.

There are so many benefits to defeating procrastination.

You’ll achieve more of your goalsYou’ll missing fewer opportunities.You’ll push yourself to unlock your full potential.You’ll avoid regret.

So once again after months of avoidance, I’m finally ready to focus on indie game development.

My plan is to continue to punch-out procrastination. While using the 5-minute rule to channel discipline. Create habits related to game development. Using those habits to release more games. Then ride those wins to fuel even bigger projects.

Hope to have you along for the journey. I’m looking forward to building with you.


Saeed Gatson

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