Could I be the only one interested in an email newsletter covering the tech scene in Eugene, Oregon?

Late in 2016 I became interested in email newsletters. A few month before I started a podcast that covers the streaming industry. To prepare for the Stream Team Show I have to do two things every week.

The first is watch t.v. and movies. The second is to stay on top of industry news.

As you can imagine streaming, and on-demand content has a lot going on each week. At first I tried to follow everything on my own. I wised up and learned about the power of curation. That’s when my interest in email newsletters started to grow.

I began hunting for newsletters about different topics. Later looking for an email newsletter covering my interest in the tech scene here in Eugene. I didn’t find one.

Let’s outline my ideal email newsletter covering the tech scene in Eugene. That way you can steal the idea, create it, and let me be subscriber number one.

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