Introducing Through Thick And Thin v0.0.2 Your Feedback Improved The Game

Through Thick And Thin v0.0.2 Changes

Welcome to the v0.0.2 Devlog! The First set of updates for Through Thick and Thin Demo.

To start I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to play the game. A special thanks to those who offer feedback. And an even special-er thanks to those who donated!

We had over 30 people playtest the demo. 25 more than I expected! I’ve taken all the request to heart, and this game is already better thanks to you.

The goal for Through Thick and Thin is to have another major update done soon. After that I’ll be moving on to other projects. Wish I could say more but time is of the essence – so I’ll just get straight to the point with what’s been updated in version 0.0.2 of the game.

Updates Made :

  • Fixed: There was a bug where the player would fall forever through the bottom of a level. A safety net has now been added so you can perform trust falls with confidence.
  • Visual update of the Main Menu. The background has changed. And the font for the buttons has changed. The buttons will also grow when you hover over them. It might not win any beauty pageants but I like it.
v0.0.2 Menu vs v0.0.1 Menu
  • Most of the heavy lifting in in the patch was done to the Player Character I’ve been calling her Aziza.
    • Starting with a major Health Bar update. Aziza now has a 💜 for each point of health. Enemies damage has been normalized to match this. 1 hit is 1 point of damage which visibly removes a 💜 from the UI.
v0.0.2 Health Bar vs v0.0.1 Health Bar
  • Fixed a bug where Aziza would sometimes twerk uncontrollably in mid air after receiving damage.
  • There’s also been changes that should prevent her from falling through the ground or growing through walls.
  • An enemy I’ve been calling a Lidlizard had a visual update too. It’s quite the glow up.
Three stages of the Lidlizard enemy type
  • Speaking of Lidlizard during playtesting we got some feedback that it was difficult to actually land on the Lidlizards… lid. The hitbox has been tweaked to maximum perfection. The people have spoken and we listened.
  • Both enemies now shake when you hit them. Hopefully making it easier to know when you’re doing damage. The goal is to have hips that don’t lie.
  • In the same vein, particle effects now trigger when an enemy dies. It’s just a bit to textual sugar to please the taste buds.
  • We’ve removed the text numbers from breakable objects. So things like these 3’s below will no longer appear. Still on the fence about the change, but we’ll circle back after more playtesting.
v0.0.1 showing numbers for breakable objects
  • Finally, we now have a pause menu! Which I assume will mostly be used to reset the level if you run into anymore more bugs. The QA Engineer inside of me is cry right now.

You can play the latest version of the Through Thick and Thin on As always feel free to leave feedback. Your suggestions could make it into the next set of updates.

Through Thick and Thin on

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