Five Unexpected Testing Roles In Your Startup

Making sure that your company delivers a great product takes everyone in the company to gets involved.

The quality of your system is also a team effort.

Here are a few roles whose main task aren’t test related but they still help improve the quality of your system.

A.] Customer Support

Customer support has the most contact with your customer base. This gives them the most information about how users actually try to use the software.

They know where the major pain points are for users, and typically have to verify if a customer issue is a bug before reporting it to the development team.

There’s a treasure trove of information in the Customer Support team that can help your Test Team.

B.] Product Management

PM’s should test things that are delivered to them as a final check to verify that all the business requirements have been meet.

Giving They are also the final word for how those weird edge cases the QA team comes up with.

C.] Public Relations Team

The public relations team has to explain features to the media and are asked questions about how the software should work.

In preparation for a product review the PR team might test different scenarios to make sure that everything is working correctly.

D.] Sales Team

Going through a product demonstration is just a few test scripts, and the last thing you want to display during a pitch is a bug.

The Sales team also has a lot of knowledge about what potential customers are looking for, and how they plan to use specific features.

E.] Product Marketing

A big part of marketing is testing out which messaging works best.

Product marketers do a lot of customer research about the types of concerns of your users also. This information can help a QA team know if they should focus on performance testing or security for example.

The marketing team normally fields negative reviews and can push potential bugs up stream similar to the customer support team.

System quality is to important to be given to just one department. This means we are all testers.

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