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  • Software that’s complicated to test can’t maintain quality

    Software that’s complicated to test can’t maintain quality

    I recently watched an episode of FunFunFunction by MPJ. He was talking about why settings are evil. There was one concept from the video that I found interesting. The idea is that software that’s complicated to test can’t maintain quality.

  • The Software Testing Ice Cream Cone

    Most companies only focus on manual testing at the start. Down the road they jumping head first into UI automation. This might seem like the best approach, but focusing on just one area of testing can lead you down the wrong path. There’s a downside to only having Manual & UI automated test. You end up…

  • 7 Common Automated Nightly Regression Failures

    If you’re like me, one of the first things you do in the morning is check the results of the previous nights automated test runs. You site at your desk, cross your fingers, open up Jenkins, and hope to see a bunch of blue dots (PASS). When a build fails it’s time to go into debugging mode. Automated…

  • What Is A Software Developer In Test?

    “So what would you say you do?” It’s a common question when meeting someone new. However I was blind sided by the timing of this question. You see, I was on the phone with a recruiter who was fairly new to the game. We where going over my resume when I told here about a…

  • Techniques For Building A Software Testing Framework

    In a previous post we talked about the 8 Benefits of a Test Automation Framework. Now that you’re convinced that having a test automation framework is a good idea, today we’re going to cover the techniques you can use to build one.

  • 8 Benefits of a Test Automation Framework

    What is a Test Automation Framework? A test automation framework is an application that allows you to write a series of test without worrying about the constraints of the underlying test tools. It’s a set of protocols, rules, standards and guidelines that can be followed as a whole so you can leverage the benefits of the scaffolding…

  • Page Object Pattern Basics

    Want to handle UI changes with ease, write more tests in less time, lower impact, reduce the lines of code, keep test logic isolated, & up your frameworks reusability? If so, check out the page object pattern, AKA the Page Object Model. This design pattern is used by most companies to build their test automation…

  • Habits Of Highly Effective Testers

    Have you ever noticed how a few testers seem to get more done effortlessly? Everything about them is comfortable, confident, & nonchalant yet deliberate at the same time. What is it about these individuals that sets them apart?

  • Ways Being A Tester Can Help You In Life

    The skills that you develop as a software tester can be used in other places. In the post I’m going to list a few ways being a software tester will help you in other areas of your life.