Ways Being A Tester Can Help You In Life

The skills that you develop as a software tester can be used in other places.

In the post I’m going to list a few ways being a software tester will help you in other areas of your life.

**A.] You’ll See Things From Others Point Of View. **

A good software tester should be putting yourself in the customers shoe’s, which build up this skill. It helps you interact with people, and win a few more arguments.

**B.] Communicate like a boss. **

To be able to communicate the issue to other team is the most important job of a tester. So most tester possess excellent communication skill (Oral and Written both) in order to communicate in the most effective and efficient manner. Highly transferable and useful skill.

**D.] Picking Up New Skills Takes Less Time. **

The most important quality that a tester has is the ability to adapt and learn quickly. This is transferable to many other situations. Life is about growth and growth is learning.

**E.] Analyzing A Situation Becomes Second Nature. **

It is very important for a software tester to have good analytical skill and thinking power. Testers are always thinking outside the box, and when most others are blocked you’ll be able to think of something else to try.

**F.] You Know How To Trigger Creativity. **

Coming up with new test scenarios is a highly creative act. This skill can transfer into many other hobbies that you might want to pickup.

**G.] Problem Solving Is In Your Blood **

Home internet connection down, T.V. remote suddenly stops working? When challenges in life come up, Testers are able to break them down into manageable chunks. This means you get more do with less headaches.

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