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The Tech Scene In Eugene Oregon Has A Media Problem

For the short time that I’ve been living in Eugene, Oregon there’s one problem I can’t escape.

It echoes through slack channels and even over casual beers. The issue appears during high-brow parties, and at local meetups.

I’ve spoken to a Wall Street Journal reporter and city level organization directors about it. The problem attacks local business owners, University of Oregon professors, and fellow software developers.

The problem appear in the form of a question. How do we get local students to know about opportunities in Eugene? How do we hold on to our skilled talent? How can we keep up with all the great things happening in town?

These all seem to be questions around awareness. I think the tech scene in Eugene, Oregon has a media problem. We can help change that.

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Building A Side Project Meat Grinder

If you’re anything like me you have a lot of ideas. So much so that it can be hard to figure out what to execute on next. That’s when you need an idea meat grinder.
You use an idea meat grinder to find good ideas by filtering out all your bad ones. Take every idea and ask yourself some predefined questions about the concept. If the idea fails one question it’s filtered out and you should move on to the next one. The end resolute should be a nice pile of ideas to start executing on.

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How To Avoid My Business Mistakes

The final text was sent. I lowered my head  and let out a long sigh.

Looked up at my wife and said, “It’s done…”.

I had just shut down the business I had started almost 2 years ago called Samson.

For those of you who don’t know, Samson was a service that allowed Barbers to manage their schedule through text messages.

Samson started out as a typical mobile application before pivoting into something else.

Now it’s shut down.

I’m not saying this because I want pity. I’m not trying to contribute to the vast amount of “failure porn” on the internet.

I’m writing this as a reminder, mostly to myself, about what to not do during the next time at-bat.

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Growth Hacking In 4 Deceptively Simple Steps

How did companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Dropbox have rapid growth while going against tough competition?

Ryan Holiday would say it’s because they use a new set of marketing strategies called growth hacking. He explains how in his book Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising.

I recently finished reading Growth Hacker Marketing and wanted to share a few takeaways from the book.

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