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Habits Of Highly Effective Testers

Have you ever noticed how a few testers seem to get more done effortlessly?

Everything about them is comfortable, confident, & nonchalant yet deliberate at the same time.

What is it about these individuals that sets them apart?

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Ways Being A Tester Can Help You In Life

The skills that you develop as a software tester can be used in other places.

In the post I’m going to list a few ways being a software tester will help you in other areas of your life.

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10 Reasons To Automate UI Test

User interface automation testing should be part of any successful software development crew.

Unit testing is great, but to cover the largest area of your software with the least effort you’ve got to start with the UI. Here are a few reasons why…

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Five Unexpected Testing Roles In Your Startup

Making sure that your company delivers a great product takes everyone in the company to gets involved.

The quality of your system is also a team effort.

Here are a few roles whose main task aren’t test related but they still help improve the quality of your system.

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How Often Should You Run Your Test?

A few years ago, I was walking through the office and someone asked if we had a test written for a bug that was just found. Was pretty proud to say that we did.

They then asked when was the last time it ran. I froze I had no idea. It was pretty embracing. Literally I had no idea. Couldn’t even give a ball park answer.

Didn’t want to lie so I said I would tell them later after looking.

Here are a few options if you have no idea when you should be running your test.

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Tip For Product Owners Planning To Test An MVP

MVP’s Product Owners & Testing Testing MVP’s Product Owners Testing As A Product Owner

Was in an entrepreneurship program called The Foundation in late 2012 early 2013. The goal was to start a SaaS company in 6 months. I failed.

This post isn’t about that failure though.

I was asked a question about software testing from someone during that time who did go on to start a business.

Today I will share my thoughts from two years ago.

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Rules Every Tester Wants Developers To Follow

Was working on a project where every other checkin would break some test, and it wasn’t because of bugs.

Test where failing because of changes to UX, element id’s, paths, etc.

Could feel that people where losing confidence in our automated testing.

I use to feel like some software developers where trying to make me look bad.

That was all in my head and not completely true.

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