10 Reasons To Automate UI Test

User interface automation testing should be part of any successful software development crew.

Unit testing is great, but to cover the largest area of your software with the least effort you’ve got to start with the UI. Here are a few reasons why…

A.] Less Lines Of Code Is Needed Compared To Unit Test

I’ve heard most systems have 3 times as much unit test code as production code.

The opposite is true UI Automated Test. You’ll write a very small amount of code to test a huge amount on the system. This is because by hitting the top most layer it all rolls down to the layers below.

B.] Helps Make Sure Everything Is Integrated

Yes technically you could Mock the backend while testing the front-end, but by automated UI test on a full system can help verify if everything is integrated correctly. After the test have been scripted this takes little work.

C.] Test What The User Will Do

For most applications users will interact with the UI layer. So it makes sense to test where the users are.

D.] Lower Manual Testing Effort

Like most automation it all helps lower the effort need to verify things manually. You only need to check that the elements “look” ok.

E.] Can Be Used During Application Demos

Demos to the team, Demos to investors, Demos to management, Demos to new hires, Demos at a trade show. Kick-off some UI automation and let your onlookers watch in amazement at the glory that is UI testing.

F.] Can Verify That All Elements Are On The Page

This type of testing makes anyone want to cringe. Do it once and you’ll see what I mean. Automating this can save team members from wanting to pull there hair out.

G.] Easier Cross Browser Testing

It’s more efficient to run the same test across multiple browsers when they’re automated. How much more efficient? I’m going to go out on a limb and say 125% more efficient.

H.] Covers Large Areas With Little Effort

See A.

I.] You Hit All The Layers Below

See A.

J.] You’re Going To Test The UI Layer Eventually Anyways

Lets face it eventually you’re going to have to double check that the UI is working. We not get the majority of that covered with automation.

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