Three ideas worth sharing

Three Pineapples

I’ve been perusing the internet looking for an idea that I could steal. Something worth sharing with you here today on my blog. Something I could remix into my own thing.

I have no idea what to write about today. I feel bad because I have a few hours to myself. Cherie’s taken my daughter on a play date. They’ve been gone for an hour. I have about two hours now to get some type of work done.

I want to spend that time writing a new blog post but I’m not sure what to write about. So here I am now sitting in front of a computer typing out these words but not knowing what to type. So I decided to just free form anything and this is what you get.

At first I thought I was going to write about saying YES, after reading this post by James Altucher. He recently wrote about, The Unique Bill Murray Technique for Saying “YES”.

Bill Murray says NO to a lot of things. James Altucher says no to a lot of things also. He’s even writing a book called The Power of No.

Anyways back to Bill Murray. Bill Murray says no to almost everything so that his YES is more meaningful.

“Does it mean he’s selfish? Of course not. You can’t be selfish if the things you say “Yes” to are unique to you and uniquely change the world in the way only you can do.

This is the essence of choosing yourself. Not to be selfish.” — James Altucher

What will you say No to so that your Yes becomes more meaningful?

Next I thought I was going to write about the quiet before the storm. After reading this post by Seth Godin called, Today’s a great day to dig in for next year.

“The week between Christmas and New Years is notoriously quiet. Your phone buzzes less often, there are no client meetings, no deadlines.” — Seth Godin

The problem was that it seemed a little to timely. After doing my post on Christmas 2016, I want to do things that are more evergreen.

So that one was out even though I feel like there’s something here I can dig into. We all have quiet periods in life. It feels like it would be a good idea to use these periods for self-improvement.

What do you do during your quiet periods?

The third piece of content that got me thinking was an Instagram post by Gary Vaynerchuk.

“You have to accept yourself and go all in on you.” — Gary Vee

I’ve written about similar idea in the past. It works for Naruto Uzumaki. It works for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Again Gary Vee explains it well on his own.

“I choose to focus on my strengths, I’ve honed them since I was 11,12,13,14 … I accepted that I didn’t read well, couldn’t spell, wasn’t fast, strong, that I wasn’t the tallest, best looking, I accepted that I couldn’t do so many things I watched others dominate at … I made the call to love myself for my strengths not hurt myself for my weaknesses, I’ve applied this life lesson into my businesses and I focus on strategy, sales, HR and people and biz dev… I surround myself with all my other needs … my friends please start being happy about who you are instead of dwelling on what your not!” — Gary Vee

How can you start focusing on your strengths today?

So this post started out as me ramblings about not know what to write. Morphed into three ideas worth sharing. Which ended up being what I’m going to post today for Daily December. Interesting how things work out sometimes.

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