Characteristics Of A Bad Software Developer In Test

Was looking through Quora, and saw a great answer to this question What are the characteristics of a bad software engineer?

It got me thinking about what makes a bad software developer in test.

Here’s the list in my experience.

A] The Test Case Bot:

This person never explores related areas of the system. They follow the test case & only the test case. The problem is the robotic application without fully understanding the context of it and whether it really applies to the current problem at hand.

B] The Shallow Diver:

Shallow divers find a bug, stop, and file a bug report. They don’t check the logs for error messages. Nothing else is done even if a little more investigation would help fix the problem quicker.

C] The I-Need-Documentation:

This tester feels the need for detailed documentation on the whole feature before testing can start. They lack the imagination or creativity to work based on the product, or code.

D] The Ugly Reporter:

“Feature XYZ doesn’t work” doesn’t qualify as a bug report. This person is also be someone who files 10 tickets for the same related bug. They don’t follow any conventions or standards. Good luck trying to get them to.

F] The Grouch:

“I didn’t do this”. “This code sucks”. “Why do i have to test this lame feature”. “I hate this (loop this sentence 10 times a day)”.

G] The Dictator:

Normally a very skilled and experienced tester. Only problem is their my way or the highway motto. It’s their solution vs your solution. Arguments quickly follow.

H] The Overcautious:

The tester that cringes at not having 100% coverage (code-, functionality-, or anything else). They never feel it’s safe to push code to production. Every failed test makes them feel like the sky is falling. Most bugs found are very high priority to them.

I] The Careless:

Give features the green light with only happy path cases covered. Only try to reproduce bugs once. Never checks multiple browsers during a UI change. Overlooks many things, and a lot of bugs fall through the cracks.

Anything I missed on the list? Feel free to let me know.

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