This Generation Will Be Fine

This Generation Will Be Fine

It’s never been a better time to be 20 – 30 years old.

It’s never been a better time to be a human.

Older generations tends to push blame to younger generation. Definitely when it comes to Millennials. Some of it is deserved for sure. It’s just so easy.

Here’s the thing about Millennials. A lot of us are more practical than you think.

Most are putting in the 8 hours, just enough to live and survive. But on the side, we’re making time for other interest.

If you’re an average 28-year-old like me you’ve seen the market hit the fan a few times. Like when I was 12 Dot-com Bubble,  followed up by September 11 at the age of 13. It happened again at 19  with the Financial crisis.

Then I’m going to be happy that I didn’t have all my eggs in one corporate basket when things get real. Like my parents who had to take furlough days or watch the newest 20% of their coworkers lose their jobs.

Those skills, interest, and experiences most Millennials are opting to take can become practical. There’s mental stability in work life balance.

Will I work hard for a company that doesn’t give back to me, no.

Should I avoid taking advantage of the leverage gained by software eating the world, no.

Does being in front of a screen most of the day kill my ability to communicate in person, no.

Will there be loser complainers and down right lazy people in every generation, yes.

Do I think I’m one of them… nope!

Does this mean I’m self-entitled, probably.

But let’s make things clear, this generation will be fine.

Stop picking on me.


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