The Algorithm For Success

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Would it be crazy to say I’ve uncovered the algorithm for success?

It was late at night, everyone had gone to sleep long ago.

I was coding while trying my best to avoid burnout.

I was unsuccessful.

While I attempted to stay awake my vision started to blur. “Just one more line of code”, I mumbled incoherently to myself.

Then things went dark.

I woke up hours later, wiping drool from my mouth. WASD keys embossed on the side of my face.

Staring down at my Macbook, the terminal prompt still open, I was amazed.

Like a glowing green sign from The Universe written against a black terminal window, I had discovered the algorithm for success.


Ok that didn’t really happen.

The truth is I came across something on the internet, tweaked it a bit and then posted it on Instagram.

It’s one of my post with the most engagement.

The Algorithm for success… If you’re not where you wanna be keep trying, keep experimenting!

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I don’t feel that successful so take this with a grain of salt.

Here’s what I think it takes to win and it’s called The Algorithm For Success :

while(notSuccessful) {

For those of you who aren’t computer geeks here’s what the code above basically means, if you’re not where you wanna be keep trying, keep experimenting!

Try new things each day, every day, forever.

That’s the Algorithm For Success.

Even if you’re “successful” now you won’t be for long if you’re not continuing to learn and grow.

Everyone that I’ve looked up to has done this in some way.

They’ve all followed this method even if they didn’t know it.

I’m still running this algorithm, and I hope you are too.

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