Pro’s and con’s of working from a coffee shop 

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I’m going to be honest with you. I haven’t worked from a coffee shop in a long time.

When I do it’s always a fun experience. Kind of a like a little “field trip” from work!

Back in San Francisco I worked for a company that had a barista in the office. There was a floor provided by the company in the office with a cafe. You could go and order drinkers for free. Someone would make them for you call out our number and you could go on your way. Let’s just say back then I worked a lot at the “coffee shop”.

Now I work from home so I’m less motivated to leave the cave. Sometimes I get the urge to go out from time to time. That’s when I start thinking about the pro’s and con’s of working from a coffee shop.

Pro’s of working at a coffee shop

  • It can be a welcome change of scenery. If you’re cooped up at home or in the office a change might be just the kick needed to get your creativity flowing.
  • Increased serendipity. You’re more likely to bump into old friends or make new ones at a coffee shop.
  • You’re less likely to goof off. Because a lot of other people are go there to get work done you’re more likely to do the same. Could just be me but I’m less likely procrastinate when someone’s over my shoulder.
  • Could boost creativity. Being outside of your normal environment can bring up new ideas.

If you’re looking for a great spot that can be your own 3rd place, the local coffee shop might be good option. It’s a nice getaway from home.

Con’s of working at a coffee shop

  • It can get pricey. Not everyone has the luxury of free coffee like I did at the time. Getting more than one drink and maybe a snack every day adds up over time.
  • Heavy amount of distractions. The number of likely distractions at a coffee shop are through the roof. People coming in and out. Having to hunt for a decent place to site. Not being near a power outlet. Just to name a few.
  • Taking calls can be difficult. You don’t have control over the background noise, or your surroundings in a coffee shop. This can prevent you from doing any sort of proper video calling.
  • What if you have to step away for a bit? Just going to the bathroom can be a major life decision. Should you leave all your stuff at the table? Are there any shady characters nearby? These questions and more just add unneeded stress.

It’s possible to get a tremendous amount of work done at a coffee shop. It feel like the work environment is a little inconsistent.

Now you have a little food for thought the next time you’re thinking of working from a coffee shop.

If you have the option to work from home, you might want to checkout this post on the right way to work from home.

When was the last time you worked at a coffee shop?

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