Programmers tricked into playing the wrong game

Programmer Playing Wrong Game

Just because you’re in the game doesn’t mean you’re playing the right one.

The intelligent programmer who optimizes his code before knowing if it’s needed.

The open source zealot who believes that all code should be free.

The quite coder who doesn’t speak up when the businessperson is going down the wrong path.

The senior developer who stop leading to chase a wild technical trend.

The programmer who stops caring about unit test so that he can push more features.

The technical funder who thinks he can be the CEO.

The QA member who abandons good test practices in the attempt to be a software developer.

The beloved tech startup that drops early adopters to chase the mass.

The programmer who won’t pick up a new language for fear of starting over.

The dev team that trades user privacy for higher profitability.

The coder who gives up the craft to move up and become an unhappy manager instead.

Software is eating the world. 

I feel that as skilled programmers we have a responsibility to use our skills for the right reasons.

What game are you playing?

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