Pressure on the shadows

Pressure On The Shadows

If you could go back and listen to your great great grandfather. If you had a video recording of his daily life. If you could view his inner thoughts in less than 140 characters would you?

We are becoming the patriarchs of our future families.

We have more control over what we choose to watch. And we willingly give open access into our lives. We’ll all continue to become media companies and be our own PR person.

Privacy isn’t dead. It won’t die anytime soon, but it’s changing.

If you’re genuinely a good person you’re going to win.

If you’re the best in the world at something but still a bad person you’ve lost. Others will find out. Even if they don’t you still have to live with yourself.

Being good doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes. You should make mistakes just be honest and own up to them. The cover up is what hurts most.

If you love the game and have some talent for it you’ll win.

Your grandchildren will be able to search through everything that you’ve ever posted. It could live on forever.

Technology is putting pressure on the shadows.

What are you hiding?


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