Good & Bad QA Engineers Defined By Wildbit

Wildbit has shared their Good/Bad essays on different company roles. The definition given for QA Engineer is so good that I thought I would share.

A good QA engineer takes full accountability for the quality of each product release. They put quality ahead of everything, even if it means having candid conversations with team members. They are willing to delay a feature release in order to uphold product quality…

A bad QA engineer views themselves as a separate resource to blame developers for crappy code. They see value in the number of issues found, rather than the importance or impact the issue has on the product. A good QA engineer is a partner to the developer, with a mutual mission of having the most painless release possible.

The original blog post that goes into the inspiration for these essays can be found on the Wildbit blog here.

You can find the full document on Good QA Engineer | Bad QA Engineer is great! You should definitely give it a read.

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