Excerpt On Finding What To Learn Next

Just wanted to share a bit from a post that I wrote for Simple Programmer a website that helps developers make the complex simple.

The post goes into methods that software developers or testers can use to find what to learn next.

Being able to learn things quickly is an amazing skill to have—even more so for developers because of speed of technology. Most people change careers 15 times throughout their life. Not jobs, careers! So it’s safe to assume that the average developer will have multiple jobs throughout their career…

Whenever you’re trying to determine what to learn next, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. If I pick the wrong thing, will learning this still benefit me in some way?
  2. Could learning this move me closer to knowing what to learn next?

The good thing about programming skills is that the consequences are never severe.

Check out the full post on finding what to learn next.


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