Choosing the right process

Choosing The Right Process

Part of learning to trust the process is having confidence in the path that you’ve chosen.

When you start out learning something, it can seem impossible. It can feel like you aren’t making any progress. It’s easy to forget that it’s almost impossible to not make some type of progress if you just keep going.

I recently watched a Simple Programmer playlist on Trusting The Process. The thing I took away was that we can’t control the outcome we can only control what and how we do things.

The way to make sure that you’ve chosen the right path is to try to come up with a process that can’t fail.

For example lets say you want to become a web developer but don’t know how to code currently. If you set your process to building 180 website in 180 days then your going to learn how to program.

Think that sounds crazy? Well, that’s exactly what Jennifer Dewalt did. Now she’s the technical co-founder of her own startup.

The reason why that’s practical is because the chance of failure is so small. 180 website in 180 days might seem a little extreme but taking the difficult path leads to success.

Want to learn how to play the guitar? You could practice this four chord progression 1,000 times every day for a few months. In no time you’ll be able to play many 4 chord songs.

Something I’ve learned by watching Gary Vaynerchuk is that my problem isn’t laziness. It’s that I underestimate the activity level required to reach my goals.

How can you choose the right process today?

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