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Software Soup

Software Soup

Today you can add Google maps to your application with a few lines of code. Just think about how crazy that is?

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Programmers tricked into playing the wrong game

Just because you’re in the game doesn’t mean you’re playing the right one.

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Software that’s complicated to test can’t maintain quality

I recently watched an episode of FunFunFunction by MPJ. He was talking about why settings are evil.

There was one concept from the video that I found interesting. The idea is that software that’s complicated to test can’t maintain quality.

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The Worst Test Case Practice and How to Avoid It

I’ve seen some pretty bad test cases in my day.

Just to be fare I’m sure I’ve had a bunch of letdowns myself.

Alright maybe it was just once… yea one horrible test case. That sounds about right.

But seriously, if you work at a software company you’ve probably seen at least one poorly written test case.

If not well todays you’re lucky day.

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I’ve been reading the book “Poke The Box” by Seth Godin, and found a passage that I thought would resonate with startups thinking about quality.

“Good enough” used to be the definition is qualify. Your product or service has to be good enough to be considered.

Then the quality revolution but and the market defined quality as “without detects”.

Just about everything on offer – from a car to an iPad to an insurance policy – died exactly what it’s supposed to. To turn the key out open the box and it works. Every time.

Things work so often that we’re now shocked when a battery dies, a car gets recalled, orr we find a typo in a book.

Most of your competition is now without defects as well – which means that quality is not so interesting anymore. We demand it, but we don’t have to sell it out. If you have and they have quality and that’s all either of you offers, then you’re asking a commodity, and I’ll take cheap, please.

We have little choice but to move beyond quality and seek remarkable, connected, and new.

Remarkable, as give already figured our, demands initiative.

The book has a great message and I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Can You Track Quality?

Let’s improve quality is heard so often though that it’s easy for the concept to become background noise.

Can you truly track quality though?

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