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The 2016 JavaScript ecosystem just isn’t for me

After going to a Eugene Web Developers meetup, I decided to pick JavaScript back up again.

But I have a feeling that the current state of the JavaScript doesn’t fit with my personality type.

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The Algorithm For Success

Would it be crazy to say I’ve uncovered the algorithm for success?

It was late at night, everyone had gone to sleep long ago.

I was coding while trying my best to avoid burnout.

I was unsuccessful.
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A Note For Myself As A Computer Science Undergraduate

Ever wish you could go back in time and give yourself some advice?

Unfortunately that’s not possible yet.

However I was recently asked if I would be open to give some advice to a Computer Science undergraduate.

I rattled off a few things and agreed. To be honest I wasn’t sure exactly what I would say.

It got me thinking about what I might have said to myself.

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