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Remembering how to listen as a tech community

Have you ever talked to someone who’s not listening to you?

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Programmers tricked into playing the wrong game

Just because you’re in the game doesn’t mean you’re playing the right one.

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Software that’s complicated to test can’t maintain quality

I recently watched an episode of FunFunFunction by MPJ. He was talking about why settings are evil.

There was one concept from the video that I found interesting. The idea is that software that’s complicated to test can’t maintain quality.

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The 2016 JavaScript ecosystem just isn’t for me

After going to a Eugene Web Developers meetup, I decided to pick JavaScript back up again.

But I have a feeling that the current state of the JavaScript doesn’t fit with my personality type.

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Finding What To Learn Next

Being able to learn things quickly is an amazing skill to have—even more so for developers because of speed of technology.

Most people change careers 15 times throughout their life. Not jobs, careers! So it’s safe to assume that the average developer will have multiple jobs throughout their career. Each job change has the potential to require different skills.

The things that were commonplace even 15 years ago for developers are now obsolete. So, yes, it’s important for developers to be able to learn while on the job. I would argue, however, that a more important skill is being able to choose what to learn next.

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