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4 Lessons From Surviving a Zombie Test Case Attack

4 Lessons From Surviving a Zombie Test Case AttackI was working at a place where we had thousands of test cases in our database.

This wasn’t a problem until we realized that many of the test cases where dead.

By dead I mean they were completely absolute at the worst or just redundant at the best.

This initial build up happened slowly, and before we knew it we where waste deep in old scripts.

Of course we always said we would go through and clean things up. When we started working on it though something else more important would come up.

We where able to slow the progress but we never truly reversed it.

The chilling reality is most, old test cases never die. I’ve seen test cases turn with my own eyes. They can cluster, and disrupt test development.

I’m here to tell you that zombie test cases are real. Don’t be afraid, this post will hopefully help you survive a zombie test case outbreak.

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