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  • Over 30 More Types Of Software Test

    This is the final post in the types of software testing series. You can view the other 40 types of software testing in the following post: 20 Types of Software Testing, and  2o More Types Of Software Testing.

  • 20 More Types of Software Testing

    This is the second post on the different types of software testing. The first 20 types of software test can be found here. I’m listing these testing types because a common interview question is ‘What types of testing would you do on a chair?’. This should be used as a reference or quick reminder.  The…

  • Different Styles of Test Cases

    A lot of developers don’t think style is important. That’s why we see graphic tee’s, ripped washed-out “dad” jeans, and white socks with sandals at some startups. Sometimes the way you’re perceived is the way you are. It’s all about perspective. So what are your test saying about you?