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6 Things You Should Do After Finding A Bug

On September 9, 1947 the first instance of an actual computer but was found.

At 3:45 p.m., Grace Murray Hopper records the first computer bug in her log book as she worked on the Harvard Mark II. The problem was traced to a moth stuck between a relay in the machine, which Hopper duly taped into the Mark II’s log book with the explanation: “First actual case of bug being found.”

That’s over 65 years ago. Since then all kinds of problems have been found in computer hardware. The term bug continued to be used. With time it’s also transferred over to computer software. Now we call almost any mistake in any process a bug. Thankfully, I’ve never literally found a bug in software that I’ve ever tested (though I’m still looking).

Today I want to talk about 6 things you should do after finding a bug (the normal kind).

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