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This joke was sent around the office a few days ago. Thought I would share here.

Developer : I’m not able to replicate this issue. It’s working fine on my machine. So lets close this bug.
Tester : I understand that it’s working fine on your machine, but we aren’t going to deliver your machine to our customers. Let’s see what’s different between the to environments.
Developer : =(

Developer : I don’t always test my code but when I do it’s in production.
Tester : Can you also check your environmental settings? It might not be as the same as production.
Developer : =(


Everyone working as part of a development team has had conversations like this. These are real developer to tester conversations.
To me these are more amusing than funny. I think that’s because I’ve had similar types of talks so many times that it’s hard to laugh at now. Every joke contains a little bit a truth, I get that. At the same time you would think we would be able to move past conversations like this.
Known that something works on one environment versus another can be helpful for debugging. However not being able to reproduce a bug locally isn’t enough to justify closing the bug completely. That’s just my two cents. Hey maybe I’m just jagged when it comes to the subject. What do you think?

Characteristics Of A Bad Software Developer In Test

Was looking through Quora, and saw a great answer to this question What are the characteristics of a bad software engineer?

It got me thinking about what makes a bad software developer in test.

Here’s the list in my experience.

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Rules Every Tester Wants Developers To Follow

Was working on a project where every other checkin would break some test, and it wasn’t because of bugs.

Test where failing because of changes to UX, element id’s, paths, etc.

Could feel that people where losing confidence in our automated testing.

I use to feel like some software developers where trying to make me look bad.

That was all in my head and not completely true.

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