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Finding What To Learn Next

Being able to learn things quickly is an amazing skill to have—even more so for developers because of speed of technology.

Most people change careers 15 times throughout their life. Not jobs, careers! So it’s safe to assume that the average developer will have multiple jobs throughout their career. Each job change has the potential to require different skills.

The things that were commonplace even 15 years ago for developers are now obsolete. So, yes, it’s important for developers to be able to learn while on the job. I would argue, however, that a more important skill is being able to choose what to learn next.

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From Peer To Peer Lending To Online Ordering

I was finally done! I had taken my last order, chopped my last potato, and washed my last red plastic tray. After my final shift at In-N-Out (yes I’ve worked at In-N-Out), I thought I would never be in the restaurant business again.

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Why You Should Treat Your Career Like A Startup

For the last 40 – 50 years careers paths worked like an escalator.


You started at the bottom and slowly worked your way up to the top of that ladder. You went to college, got a job, and didn’t leave until you made it to the top.

While I was in college, 2006 – 2011, the escalator broke. Those at the top of the escalator could not jump off. The housing crash wiped them out. Many of my friends struggled to find jobs after graduation because of this.

We need to think about work & career growth in a different way.

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What Is A Software Developer In Test?

“So what would you say you do?” It’s a common question when meeting someone new. However I was blind sided by the timing of this question.

You see, I was on the phone with a recruiter who was fairly new to the game. We where going over my resume when I told here about a recent job and title change. That’s when the recruiter asked this haymaker of a question. I was stunned.

I went from working as a Software Test Engineer. Where I was doing only manually black-box testing. Then changing to a Software Development Engineer in Test, after they found out I could write code. The titles do share a lot of words in common but have huge differences.

Here’s what I should have told the recruiter.

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You’re Still A Martial Artist

Went to a job fair last week to recruit interns. There where 4 different areas DevOps, Help Desk, Software Development, & QA. Software Development had the most traffic. The majority of Computer Science Majors had no interest in QA.

I was a little hurt by that, but can you blame them?

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Cure For Testers Guilt Via John Sonmez

I asked John Sonmez a question a few weeks ago, and he responded!!

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