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How To Engineer Your ‘Lucky Break’

To most, luck is about rolling the dice, finding a dollar on the ground, or having all your tests pass after a last-minute code commit.

Luck is given credit for many people’s struggles and accomplishments. Some use bad luck as a reason for their current failure. At the same time, some might credit good luck for all their success in life.

Is luck just chance, or can it be engineered?

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What Software Developers Can Learn From Arnold Schwarzenegger

When you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, software development probably doesn’t come to mind.

Ok, I’m one hundred percent sure Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t come up during a normal discussion about software development.

Arnold Schwarzenegger jumped from the bodybuilding stage to the silver screen, becoming one of the most prolific movie stars in history. He redefined the idea of what it meant to be an action hero.

His muscles were only part of the reason for his success. Arnold rose to the top because of his sheer force of will and extreme work ethic. He’s as a 7-time Mr. Olympia, and even became the governor of California.

Experience has taught me to believe that we can learn from anyone. This lead me to distill a few things that I’ve picked up from this remarkable person, which are especially useful for Software Developers.

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