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Why You Should Treat Your Career Like A Startup

For the last 40 – 50 years careers paths worked like an escalator.


You started at the bottom and slowly worked your way up to the top of that ladder. You went to college, got a job, and didn’t leave until you made it to the top.

While I was in college, 2006 – 2011, the escalator broke. Those at the top of the escalator could not jump off. The housing crash wiped them out. Many of my friends struggled to find jobs after graduation because of this.

We need to think about work & career growth in a different way.

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Testing Without Coding Skills

So you’ve got some interest in your idea. The Developers ready for consistent work, users are begging for more features, and your minds racing with future possibilities.

If you’re like most business owners, product founders, or solo entrepreneur software development probably isn’t your strongest skill set.

Even if you are technologically gifted, software testing might not be your thing.

This isn’t a problem. There’s a specific type of testing that works perfect for product owners that we’ll cover today called acceptance testing. All you need is to understand the product and your customers.

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Tip For Product Owners Planning To Test An MVP

MVP’s Product Owners & Testing Testing MVP’s Product Owners Testing As A Product Owner

Was in an entrepreneurship program called The Foundation in late 2012 early 2013. The goal was to start a SaaS company in 6 months. I failed.

This post isn’t about that failure though.

I was asked a question about software testing from someone during that time who did go on to start a business.

Today I will share my thoughts from two years ago.

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The Test To Automate First

So you’re ready to go. The company is convinced that it needs to work on some type of automated testing.

You’re probably wondering what’s next?

If you’re not sure what to start automating first. This post should help you out.

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The Code Coverage Trap

We all love metrics in the startup world, and tend to have a strange relationship with them. This added with the Engineering minds of CTO’s, VP’s and Dev Managers, and you’ve got the perfect metric trap – Code Coverage.

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Why Your Startup Needs Automated Test

Let me tell you a quick story about a common situation.

A Developer walks into the office and instantly notices that something isn’t right. His spider senses are going off. The room is electric, there’s a panicked look on a co-works’ face, as they types furiously. The two people in Customer Support look like they’ve been hit by a bus. He pulls out his phone, checking his email expecting the worse. It’s flooded with email. There was a software patch last night but the manual test team didn’t find any critical issues. “What is going on?”, they think.

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