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Top Post from 2016

If a blog post gets a lot of views then I’m happy and if it doesn’t then I’m happy. Why? Because I write for myself pageviews haven’t been the goal.

Part of me is intrigued by traffic patterns. Understanding reading behavior and data is helpful. I can understand the mindset behind basing goals on pageviews. Right now that just hasn’t been a focus for me. If I was more strategic I would actually do something with a lot of this data.

Anyways, if you were still interested I wanted to share the Top 5 Most Viewed Posts of 2016.

And, if it makes sense, I’ll provide a bit of context and perhaps an explanation for the views.

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Can You Track Quality?

Let’s improve quality is heard so often though that it’s easy for the concept to become background noise.

Can you truly track quality though?

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The Code Coverage Trap

We all love metrics in the startup world, and tend to have a strange relationship with them. This added with the Engineering minds of CTO’s, VP’s and Dev Managers, and you’ve got the perfect metric trap – Code Coverage.

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